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Planning, Marketing and Communications Services

After working with organizations like yours for 20 years, Sounding Board Marketing & Communications developed a suite of products and services that can help you increase resources, save time, and advance your organization’s goals.

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Products and Guides

Marketing Planning and Communications Products for The Education Sector

Obtain, retain, and strengthen stakeholder relationships, even when resources are limited. Get some of our most-requested services at a low cost so you can use our solutions today through a variety of customized do-it-yourself products.

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Free Resources

Social Media and Marketing Help For Education

Inspire confidence during the first few hours of a crisis, develop a comprehensive marketing and communication strategic plan, and harness the power of savvy social media through these FREE, easy-to-use “how-to” guides!

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Let’s turn communications and marketing on its head

Think About Marketing DifferentlyRather than thinking of it as a means to an end, start by considering the ends that you want to meet:

  • Create more trust in public schools
  • Boost financial support for your organization
  • Make your schools the schools of choice in your community
  • Increase engagement in your organization
  • Improve student achievement

Communication and marketing are more than just conveying information—they’re critical tools in ensuring the success of your organization.

Just as you would never try to accomplish being your organization’s lawyer or accountant, why leave a key component of your organization’s success — communication and marketing — as an adjunct duty for a staff member or on an “as needed” basis?

Sounding Board Marketing & Communications takes over 15 years of expertise in social marketing and communications to deliver strategic, proactive communication and marketing and advance clients’ goals through obtaining, maintaining, retaining, and strengthening their stakeholder relationships.

Increase Resources. Save Time. Advance Your Goals …
and Resonate Your Message.

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