Do It Yourself ProductsSounding Board Marketing & Communications takes over 15 years of expertise in education and social marketing and communications to deliver strategic, proactive communication and marketing and advance education and non-profit clients’ goals through obtaining, maintaining, retaining, and strengthening their stakeholder relationships, even when resources are limited.

Increase Resources. Save Time. Advance Your Goals …and Resonate Your Message.

We know budget challenges are important to you, so our goal is to provide you some of our most-requested services at a low cost so that you can use Sounding Board’s solutions today!

We do that through a variety of customized services and these do-it-yourself products:


Savvy Social Media for Education and Non-Profit Organizations

Social media has taken off as one extremely effective way for your organization to reach its audiences! Learn about how Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and other social media outlets can help you connect with your audiences and advance your organization’s goals.

Savvy Social Media for Education and Non-Profit Organizations includes an overview of social media video, steps to develop your own social media strategy, and social media resources in a downloadable format for $65.00. Contact us to purchase your guide today!


Unleash Your Best Communication

Communication is more than a means to an end—it’s a process that, when done effectively, can pave the way to success in achieving your organization’s goals!

Unleash Your Best Communication will show you how to audit your internal and external communications and develop your own communication strategy, with a complete communications audit workbook in a downloadable format for $45.00. Contact us to purchase your guide today!